Garage door Opener

   Installing & repairing garage doors for over 10 years

A garage door opener is a motorized device that is used for opening and closing the garage doors conveniently. We, Expert Garage Door located in Ontario, Canada, are engaged in offering the best and highly functional garage door opener. In addition, we provide repair, maintenance, and installation service of garage door openers. Our team of technicians is capable of repairing any type of fault of the garage door opener, regardless of any make or model.

We install the door openers using advanced tools and within a minimal amount of time. We also provide maintenance service of the door openers to make sure that they function properly for a longer period of time.

We have a team of experts that is capable of conducting the task of garage door opener installation conveniently and quickly. We are capable of fixing issues like garage door opener not working properly, which is the most common issue. We can easily fix the chain or drive-screw operated garage door openers with ease by using advanced tools and machines.

We can fix both remote control and a wall switch that operates the opener. We can fix the issue of the motor that does not stop running even after the garage door opens. Similarly, we can fix numerous other issues without any difficulty. Our technicians are capable of troubleshooting all problems related to garage door openers. They understand the issue at first and then repair the same accordingly. Also, if there is any need of changing the damaged part then we consult the owner and replace the part with the genuine one.

We offer different types of garage door openers that suit the exact requirements of the customers. For instance, we make available garage door openers that are controlled by switches usually hanged on the garage wall or such door openers that are controlled by remote. Some other types of garage door openers include the electric opener, chain drive opener, belt drive opener, screw drive opener, direct drive opener, jackshaft opener, and others. Our entire range is thoroughly checked against different quality parameters such as functionality, manufacturing defect, and various others. As our opener is highly efficient in operation and requires minimal maintenance, it is widely in demand.

In addition, we provide 24X7 emergency service to the customers. So, contact us today to obtain our products and services at a very nominal price. You will get only the best quality and appropriate deal with us.